Is it worth it to upgrade from the Apple Watch Series 4 to Series 5?

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The additional features of the Apple Watch Series 5 are not enough for happy Apple Watch Series 4 users to make the upgrade. 

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As Apple dominates the wearable tech market, users are questioning how much worth it is to upgrade for every new release.

Time and time again, Apple never ceases to delight the public by constantly upgrading and improving already beloved products. This leads many to ask themselves, how truly valuable are these upgrades, and is it worth the hefty price tag?

The Apple Watch dominates the wearable technology market, second to none. The upgrades from the Apple Watch Series 3 to 4 were unprecedented, but the additional features that come with the release of the Apple Watch Series 5 leave Apple users divided on whether or not to make the investment.



Why was the Apple Watch Series 4 so much better than Series 3?

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The upgrades that came along the release of the Apple Watch Series 4 were unprecedented in a fitness tracker.


The release of the Apple Watch Series 4 came with a significant display size increase of 30% and additional display features such as stocks, heart rate, team scores and more.  The evolved “digital crown” also allows for a more responsive touch, and with 50% louder speakers, users can actually communicate with Siri. Additionally, the speakers have been redesigned to be placed on the opposite of the speakers, to reduce echo and improve clarity during phone calls.


In terms of health-tracking, the Apple Watch Series 4 has the very impressive and advanced feature of ECG (electrocardiogram) monitoring, never seen before in a smartwatch. Essentially, users would be able to diagnose and monitor heart disease simply by placing their finger on the digital crown and storing the data to show later to their physician.


Whereas the previous models could only monitor the resting heart rate and calories burned, the Series 4 will send the user a warning notification if their heart rate appears to drop too low, or if there are any irregularities in the heart’s rhythm.  The smartwatch’s SOS features will even initiate an emergency call if there is a fall and call and send a message to all stored emergency contacts if the wearer is immobile for over a minute after the fall.


What does the Series 5 offer, and is it worth it?

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Ultimately, the upgrades of the Series 5 are not as significant as the upgrades of the Series 4.


The biggest selling point for the release of the Apple Watch Series 5 is the always-on retina display. With this feature, users do not have to complete the wrist-turning turning gesture in order to see the display features. In comparison to the Series 4, the only other additional feature is the built-in compass.


The Apple Watch Series 5 with GPS can be bought at the exact same price-point as the Series 4 at $399 for both the standard and Nike+ model and starts at $499 for the cellular model. If you’re a first-time buyer of the Apple Watch, or upgrading from the Series 3, the investment is worth the plunge. On the other hand, if you are already an owner of an Apple Watch Series 4, coughing up another $500 might be better off invested elsewhere.

 Authored by: Diana Marcovici

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